ALT6600 A-GH

Lighting Tower ALT6600 A-GH : Portable Lighting Tower or Mobile Generator high quality power generation lighting equipment. 02-168-3193-5 #109

The LED lighting tower is an economical lighting device which easy operate, compact, high performance, and affordable. This series of light tower use a number of advanced and innovative technologies:

  • Quickly moved and transported, easy to operate.
  • The main components are the international top brands, with high reliability and stable performance.
  • With convenient output sockets, provide emergency power supply for other power equipment such as accessories or tools in the work site.
  • Adopt intelligent control system, automatic rise and fall of tower masts, and set up double safety protection to effectively guarantee the personal safety of operators.
  • High-degree noise reduction technology, good emission system to ensure that the equipment does not affect the living environment.


 Type of light source :  LED
 Luminous flux (Max) LM :  336000
 Luminous flux (Max) LM :  430000
 Light source power (W) :  4*1000
 Noise @7mm :  62dB (A)
 Hoisting form of lamp pole :  Hydraulic
 Angle of rotation of lamppost :  359°
 Angle adjustment of light source :  Electric
 Lighthouse level adjustment :  Hydraulic leg leveling
 Full spread size (mm) :  3256*2957*9000
 Full spread size (mm) :  3256*1508*2300
 Light source height (mm) :  9000
 Driving speed :  40km/H
 Bridge shock absorption :  Leaf spring
 Axle load bearing :  1.5T

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