If you are looking for power solutions, look no further than Multiphase Power for quality service equipment. Multiphase Power can provide you with state of the art equipment to ensure your load demands are met. All equipment is serviced and checked by our engineering team to ensure you have the most reliable product in a fast, convenient and cost effective way. Our skilled technicians are from The Engineering Institute of Thailand Under H.M. The King's Patronage, so you can be confident in the service we provide. Try multiphase Power, we know you will be impressed by our friendly staff, reliable, modern and affordable equipment. Multiphase Corporation Workshop in Rayong with a workspace of around 2,500 sqm. We provide repair and overhaul services for all products supplied to customers. Servicing scope of work ranges from machine manufacturing, control system processing, parts processing, assembly and testing.


Site Installation
Multiphase Power has a team of technicians always on hand. We can provide on-site inspection services by a quality technician team with knowledge and experience, because we believe that providing effective service is the most important thing for every customer. 


Maintenance and Overhaul
Our staff are always a call away with our service Hotline. We can also provide routine servicing and/or overhauls when required.


Generator Load Bank Testing
Your generator set is a valuable resource that provides a dependable emergency power to your business when power from the utility grid is suddenly lost, or power is not available in your environment. In the event of a power failure you want to have peace of mind that your backup power supply will spring into action seamlessly on a moment’s notice. But what happens when the power goes out and your generator fails function as expected? The result can often be costly and sometimes catastrophic depending upon your application.  


This is precisely the reason generator load bank testing is an essential piece of a comprehensive preventative generator maintenance plan, which you should ideally have conducted on your genset(s) each year. Load bank testing helps to ensure that your generator will be fully dependable and operational, as well as completely capable of the highest possible load it may be required to handle at any critical point in time. Load testing your emergency standby generator system should be part of a standard planned maintenance program for all systems. 


Spare Parts
Multiphase Power have many products, models and sizes already in stock, with delivery throughout the country and all products received quality assurance checking thoroughly before reaching every customer. We strive for excellence to provide you service with speed and accuracy.


Multiphase Power can provide operator training for it’s generators. Generally, this will be done at commissioning but can also be provided to new employees as required.