Diesel Generator Sets



Multiphase Power generators are high quality and trusted by many domestic and international customers. They are manufactured from factories certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 and meet international standards ISO 8528-5: 2008, GB / T2820.5-2009. Select your engine from leading brands such as Cummins, Perkins, MTU, John Deere, Doosan, Mitsubishi, Baudouin, MAN etc. and alternators from leading brands such as Stamford, Leroy-Somer etc. Our generator controllers are made by Deep Sea Electronic from England who are considered a leader in control units thus ensuring a quality product.


The reason that customers choose to use Multiphase Power generators are :

1.) Customers have the choice of many additional accessories and we are able to modify the generators to meet the needs of the customer.

2.) Multiphase Power generators utilize a cooling system that is developed and designed to be larger than others and can be used at the highest temperature of 50 degrees Celsius thus suitable for Thailands use.

3.) We have a large stock of ready-to-deliver products that can be installed for customers immediately throughout the country. We also stock a wide range of spare parts.

4.) The company sales team offers a Design service to customers for free!!! Nationwide.

5.) The company has sales service and installation by a team with experience and expertise.

6.) After sales service by our experienced technician team throughout the lifetime And long-term contracts.




Multiphase Power Generators





Multiphase Power specializes in power generation and control systems to meet the high demands of the power industry. Our areas of expertise is in design, commissioning and in providing an on-going support for a comprehensive range of diesel generators to meet the demands of the applications as well as the environment. We supply generator sets for construction, industrial plant and various industries. We are able to meet demands for power of up to 3,300 KVA.


Our method of distribution is by a network of trained staff who are capable of providing very strong technical and commercial support. A very wide product range, high quality end-products to meet all local and international demands, warranties and the ability to meet delivery datelines are our company’s strength and commitment.





Powerlink UK Generators





Powerlink diesel generator sets, high quality power generation products, provide continuous power supply for various users. It can be used as an emergency or standby power supply to satisfy the temporary use of users, and can be operated continuously. The investment cost is low, the performance price ratio is high. It is mainly used in the city construction, port, dock, mine, power station, construction site, factory enterprise and other urban construction, industrial field, and hotels, hospitals, schools, banks and other commercial fields.


Powerlink is a leading power products supplier who focuses on designing and manufacturing diesel generator, gas generator, lighting tower, air compressor. Powerlink energy solution provides you more options. Powerlink UK factory can provide rapid delivery for users around the world.